An Open Letter to the One I’m Waiting For


Even if I really want to be with you, I’ve chosen not to try anything yet. And most people would tell me that this decision would be my biggest regret, but it’s okay.

I’d rather wait and wait til’ I know I’m ready to date than to go out there and expose myself to somebody I could have a great future with and totally blow it up because I wasn’t ready.
My mind, heart, and emotions are yet to be steady. They rush in my head especially when I’m on my bed and I hate it, because I know I can’t be the man for you right now.

I know the happiness we could bring each other could be at the top of the scales, but first I have to do the will of my savior who took my cross and my nails.
I’m not saying you’d be a distraction…

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Sometimes The Best Prayer Starts With “Lord, I’m Not Okay.”

set out for

It’s not everyday that a Christian gets excited to spend time with his Lord and Savior. Most days, it’s a warfare. Temptations are thrown in by the enemy and sometimes pride (self-centeredness, self-dependence, self-absorption) and worries of this life kick in.

Yesterday was one of those days. I was struggling to find quietness with God the entire day. My mind was polluted with a lot of frustrations and hurts. My Bible is within reach but I would rather scroll over my phone yesterday. I felt tired and bored and sapped by worries. My mind was wandering with conclusions and assumptions; not prayers and petitions.

My heart felt heavy but I was trying so hard to come up with how I can say it to God. I wanted to be honest with God but I was delaying it. The Holy Spirit wants my soul to find rest but I was constantly…

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Orange: An Anime We’ll Never Regret Watching

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. CLOSE THIS TAB IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED THE ANIME OR READ THE MANGA YET! For the whole 4 months of my summer vacation, I tried to catch up on some anime in my list. Apparently I have only watched some popular Isekai (Another World) Anime like KonoSuba seasons 1 and 2, SAO …

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Mobile Photography: A Smartphone User’s Guide

Digital age, our current age, is now using Photographs to communicate and inform everyone. As we are now frequently active in Social Media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, we can't help but awe in the stunning photos we see every day. From Food, to Landscape even to selfies to everything interesting in this …

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Computer and Console Gaming: A Millennial Staple and Problem

AAAAHHHH. The 21st Century. The Age of the Internet, full of information both little and big, influential and insignificant, useful and useless, entertaining and informative. As this internet age becomes more lively, everything I have mentioned is progressing more and more to meet the satisfaction of the Netizens. One of these things is the Gaming …

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